Who We Are

Sweet Spot Academy is a leading small business training and education company serving Atlantic Canada. As training consultants, we employ experienced experts to train, advise and guide entrepreneurs and small businesses through various elements of developing their business.

We are the first hybrid coach-consultant Marketing Firm in Atlantic Canada to offer an integrated systematic approach to building and installing high quality marketing communications and business development programs through coaching, training, speaking, and mentoring workshops delivered in- person or remotely in group and one-on-one environments.

We specialize in new media marketing training, education and consulting, and we live by the motto “It is better to know than to think you know” because there is power in knowledge. Our goal is to share information on a number of business development topics, specifically e-commerce, marketing communications, marketing automation, digital & traditional marketing, mobile marketing, new and social media, and building successful online businesses through the use of innovative technologies. We also have a host of programs in the areas of small business development; business retention, expansion and attraction; sales and selling; creativity, commercial innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

With a diverse global network of business associates, Sweet Spot Academy has the ability to deliver programs in multi-languages. We are long-term focused and committed to holding our clients accountable for moving their marketing and business development initiatives forward. We have proven strategies and tactics that help our clients systematically build their business. We provide advice and creative expertise when needed.


What We Do

We help our clients become highly Socially Engaged Enterprises, ones that connect and build relationships with their online and offline customer audiences. Working closely with marketing and business development teams, we co-develop marketing programs and social campaigns that create market interest in products and services, while building brand loyalty that converts to new business attraction, customer retention, and potentially new customers.

We use social media listening, tracking, monitoring and engagement tools that allow us to develop and successfully deploy social media strategies and tactical plans that help clients achieve their campaign goals. Through ongoing monitoring and measuring, we assess the impacts of social campaigns and provide advice on how to better engage with customer audiences on the social web.

We co-author Social Media Policies & Guidelines that protects the company and integrity of the corporate brand. These guidelines clearly outline proper use and etiquette of social media tools and networks that must be adhered to by staff when representing the company online.

We also develop marketing, social media, digital technology, entrepreneurship and small business training and coaching programs that are designed and tailored to meet the specific learning needs of clients.


Industry Experience

Founded in 2008, Sweet Spot Academy specializes in small business marketing training, coaching and consulting services. We work with government, industry organizations and corporate business who serve sector specific entrepreneurs, small business and commodity groups. We work with our clients to develop customized training programs tailored to the specific and unique needs of the industry and business sector.

In consultation with clients, we develop customized training programs that include a combination of live training, webinars and e-learning coaching and support using online project management software, VOIP technology and three e-learning membership sites.

While the marketing and business development training programs are topic specific, an underlying goal is to teach participants the principles and methodologies of how to develop systematic processes and procedures that produce predictable results, and can be applied to any marketing and business development initiative that is undertaken by the business.

We also provide consulting and coaching services to government, industry groups and corporate business. We work on a project by project basis or on long-term contracts as an outsourced, fully integrated traditional and digital marketing firm department.

Sweet Spot Academy

Sweet Spot Academy is a leading small business training and education company serving Atlantic Canada.

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