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Business & Digital Consultant

Nancy Beth has been a successful entrepreneur for over three decades.

She launched her first business when she was eighteen years old, a Marketing Research Consulting company that helped put her through post-­secondary education. She has since launched two business skills training and coaching companies originating in Prince Edward Island, now doing business across Canada.

Her passion and specialty lies in business, digital and life skills training for adult learners, as well as raising digital leaders. As an experienced motivational speaker, trainer and coach, her favorite topics include all things entrepreneurial and small business related with a sprinkle of digital leadership and personal development for good measure.

Nancy Beth has vast experience in Internet and Social Media Marketing, Online Safety, Protecting Your Digital Footprint and Cyberviolence Prevention. Since 2010, she has been highly sought after to share her message on connecting and engaging with customer audiences, being a digital leader, using the Internet & Social Media for good, how to safely navigate the Social Web, and cyberviolence prevention.

As President and Executive Consultant of Sweet Spot Academy, Nancy Beth has trained, coached and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and managers nation-­ wide on Business and Digital Skills. She has also addressed thousands of children, youth, parents, educators and youth serving organizations on Internet Safety and Digital Leadership.

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